Chi Turbo - Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

Chi Turbo - Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush
Chi Turbo - Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

Chi Turbo - Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

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About the Product   

  • Developed with Far Infrared/Negative Ions.

  • With a non-slip handle that facilitates styling.

  • Made of ceramic nylon.

  • Offers long-lasting special heat resistance & tangle-free styling.

  • Diminishes frizz & static electricity.

  • Gives no hot or cold spots & maintains a more even temperature.

  • Great for fine normal & coarse hair.


  • Made of ceramic nylon

How to Use

Don't Use It Until Your Hair Is Almost Dry

  • Beware: You're arm will feel like it's about to fall off if you start using your round brush too soon. Hair will be easier to manage and style once it's mostly dry, plus you'll save valuable time.
  • Start with the Right Brush
  • Depending on your hair length, you'll most likely want to start with a medium-size round brush. Our pick for the best round brush is this version from. Its firm boar and nylon bristles grip the hair enough to pull it taut, while the wooden handle is sturdy and easy to manage.
  • Now, If You Take Only One Tip, Let It Be This
  • When you're using your round brush, it's important to work by small sections that are wrapped around the brush once. The wrapping part is the most crucial technique when learning how to blow dry hair with a round brush. If you wrap more than once you'll likely get the brush stuck in your hair (ouch—that's the kind of mistake you only make once), and giving it a half wrap will only result in curled under (or out) ends—not the loose wave we're aiming for.
  • Wrapping each section around the brush once is the one thing that entirely changed my at home blowout result. Give it a try for yourself and you might just find you're one step closer to that salon-worthy blowout you've been trying to master for years.

Chi Turbo is a ceramic round nylon brush hair product designed to help create smooth, shiny and voluminous styles. It is designed to help protect hair from damage caused by heat styling, and its ceramic-coated barrel helps to evenly distribute heat. The nylon bristles are gentle on the hair and the ergonomic handle provides comfort and control. The brush is ideal for creating a variety of styles, from curls and waves to straight styles.

The key benefits of using the Chi Turbo Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush hair product include:

1. Faster drying time: The ceramic and nylon bristles work together to quickly dry hair, reducing styling time.

2. Improved shine: The ceramic and nylon bristles help to give hair a glossy, healthy shine.

3. Eliminates frizz: The ceramic and nylon bristles help to smooth the hair cuticle, reducing frizz.

4. Creates volume: The round shape of the brush helps to create volume and lift.

5. Detangles: The hairs are gently detangled and smoothed, reducing breakage.

6. Heat resistant: The brush is heat resistant, allowing for use with a blow dryer without fear of damage.

Using the Chi Turbo - Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brushhair product is simple and easy. First, start by brushing your hair with a regular brush or comb to remove any tangles. Then, hold the brush near the scalp and brush in sections, starting at the base of the hair and working your way up to the end. Make sure you brush gently, as the bristles of the brush are quite firm. Once you have brushed your hair, you can use a blow dryer to add volume and shine. To finish, you can use a flat iron to create straight, smooth hair.


- The Chi Turbo brush is designed to help reduce frizz and static while providing a smooth, shiny finish to the hair.

- It is lightweight and has a comfortable handle, making it easy to use.

- The ceramic barrel helps heat up quickly and evenly, allowing for faster styling.

- The bristles are made with a unique blend of nylon and boar-bristle, making the brush gentle on the scalp and hair.


- The ceramic barrel may be too hot for some users and could cause damage to the hair.

- The brush is not suitable for detangling, so users will need to use a separate comb or brush for that purpose.

- The brush can be expensive, making it out of reach for some users.

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