Schwarzkopf - Igora Royal - Oil Developer

Schwarzkopf - Igora Royal - Oil Developer

Schwarzkopf - Igora Royal - Oil Developer

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About the Product   

Schwarzkopf IGORA Royal Oil Developer is a specially developed high-performing peroxide developed by colorists for colorists. Its innovative Lipid Carrier System and increased oil content enable color pigments to penetrate faster into the hair, giving more intense, longer-lasting color results. It provides a sealing effect on the hair, giving more shine and luster, perfect equalization of color from the roots to the tips, and improved overall performance.

How to Use

Designed to work perfectly with Igora Royal Permanent Hair Color

3%/10 Vol:
For coloring darker.
For pastel coloring (with 9.5-shades) on previously bleached or highlighted hair.

6%/20 Vol:
For coloring tone-on-tone up to 1 level lighter and the coverage of white hair with the Color of Rhapsody, Harmony, Lust, Perfection and Serenity.
Exclusion from the Color of Serenity: -00 shades (always use 9%/30Vol.).

9%/30 Vol:
For coloring up to 1-2 levels lighter with shades from the Color of Rhapsody, Harmony, Lust, Perfection and Serenity.
For lightening 2-3 levels with 10- series.
For lightening 3-4 levels with 12- series.
For covering resistive white hair with –00 shades.
For covering white hair with the Color of Commitment.

12%/40 Vol:
For coloring up to 2-3 levels lighter with the Color of Rhapsody, Harmony, Lust, Perfection and Serenity.
For lightening 3-4 levels with 10- series.
Recommended application for 10- series: natural base 7-0 and lighter.
For lightening 4-5 levels with 12- series.
Recommended application for 12- series: natural base 6-0 and lighter.

PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. The sale and use of this product is intended for licensed professionals only.  Cosmetic World will not be held responsible by anyone who buys and/or uses this product. Chemical products may cause allergic reactions, which in rare instances can be severe. Conduct sensitivity and allergic patch test 48 hours prior to each application. These products must not be used on eyelashes or eyebrows.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Oil Developer is a professional hair color that is formulated with oils to nourish, strengthen, and protect the hair. It features a unique oil-based formula that is free from harsh chemicals, making it gentle on the hair. The oils within the formula penetrate deep into the hair strands, helping to keep hair hydrated, soft, and healthy. This product is ideal for use on all hair types and can be used to lighten, darken, or highlight hair.

The key benefits of Schwarzkopf - Igora Royal - Oil Developer hair product include:

1. Improved color intensity: The oil-based formula helps to intensify the color pigments of the hair dye, resulting in vibrant, lasting color.

2. Easy to mix: This product is easy to mix and apply, allowing for a quick and efficient coloring process.

3. Smooth application: The oil helps to lubricate the hair and the scalp, allowing for a smooth, even application of the dye.

4. Gentle on hair: The oil helps to nourish and protect the hair, leaving it soft and healthy-looking.

5. Long-lasting color: The oil provides a protective barrier to help lock in the color, resulting in a longer-lasting result.

Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Oil Developer is a professional hair product designed to be used alongside Schwarzkopf Igora Royal hair color products. To use it, mix equal parts of your chosen Igora Royal hair color with Igora Royal Oil Developer in a non-metallic bowl. Once you have the desired consistency, apply to the hair, starting at the roots and working your way down to the ends. Leave the mixture on the hair for the time recommended by the color manufacturer, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. After rinsing, shampoo and condition the hair as normal.


- It is a great product for creating smooth and glossy hair.
- It is easy to use and does not require a lot of effort to apply.
- It is long-lasting and can leave your hair looking great for days.
- It has a low pH level, which helps prevent damage to the hair.


- It is relatively expensive compared to other hair products.
- It can be difficult to remove if you have applied too much.
- It can leave a greasy residue if not properly washed off.
- It can cause an allergic reaction in some people.


Hydrogen Peroxide.
Paraffinum liquidum.
Etidronic Acid.
Disodium Pyrophosphate.
Potassium Hydroxide.

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