The Ultimate Guide to Matrix SoColor Blended Collection: Create Stunning Multi-Dimensional Hair Color!


A showcase of the matrix socolor line of colors

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job as a professional hair colorist is trying out new products and methods to produce one-of-a-kind styles for my customers. The Matrix SoColor Blended Collection is one of the most recent developments in hair color, and it consists of a variety of shades meant to produce natural-looking, attention-grabbing blended looks. Discover what sets apart the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection from other lines of hair color, and learn how to achieve the ideal mixture, in this comprehensive guide.

The Matrix SoColor Blended Collection consists of what?

Beautiful, natural-looking, multi-toned hair color is within reach with the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection. There are a total of 27 different shades available, ranging from warm to cold to neutral to bright to pastel. The colors were designed to go well with one another, so blending them together was a breeze.

The unique Cera-Oil Complex found in the SoColor Blended Collection serves to protect and nourish the hair while coloring. It is a combination of ceramides and oils. This complex aids in cuticle sealing and damage prevention, resulting in color that is both vivid and long-lasting and a healthy appearance and feel to the hair.


Matrix SoColor Blended Collection: Why Pick It?

Many customers and colorists have found the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection to be a fantastic option. Just a few examples:

SoColor Blended Collection shades are specially formulated to produce multi-dimensional color that mimics the look of color produced by the sun. The final mixture is a lovely subtlety that works well with the client's complexion and features.

Simple to operate, the SoColor Blended Collection makes it possible for even inexperienced colorists to create beautiful works of art. No need to stress over whether or not the hues will mesh, as they were created to do so.

During the coloring procedure, the hair is protected and nourished by the Cera-Oil Complex in the SoColor Blended Collection, giving customers peace of mind.

The SoColor Blended Collection is incredibly adaptable, with 27 different shades that can be used to make anything from soft, natural tones to bold, eye-catching hues.


How to Get the Most Out of Matrix's Blended SoColor Collection

As a colorist, you can get the most out of the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection by following a few simple guidelines. Some examples are as follows.

To get started, confer with the client about their desired look, any restrictions they may have, and any worries they may have before beginning the hair coloring process. This will guide your choice of colors and methods for optimal results.

It's essential to choose the right shades from the SoColor Blended Collection's extensive palette if you want to achieve a specific appearance. When choosing shades, take into account the client's natural hair color, skin tone, and intended contrast.

Use a wide range of application methods: The SoColor Blended Collection can be used for foiling, balayage, and ombre, among others. Try out various approaches until you discover what works best for your client's hair and intended style.

Blend, blend, blend: the SoColor Blended Collection's secret to a gorgeous, natural-looking combination is in the blending. Blend the hues using a blending brush, applying the paint in thin layers for best results.

Always keep the client's original hair color in mind when using the SoColor Blended Collection. A more seamless transition can be achieved by using a shade that is similar to their base tone.

Make sure you're using the correct developer: Matrix recommends using their SoColor Blended Collection with their Matrix Cream Developers. Choose a processor that works with the intensity and tint of your photo.

Don't rush things: It requires time and effort to achieve a blend that looks lovely and natural. Take your time and make sure everything comes together smoothly.


Models Showing Off Matrix's SoColor Blended Collection

Whether you're going for a soft, natural appearance or something more dramatic and eye-catching, the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection has you covered. Some of the many possible styles that can be created with this set are as follows:

The SoColor Blended Collection's shades blend together seamlessly for a soft, subtle appearance, making it ideal for creating a natural-looking balayage. Apply the dye with a blending brush, beginning in the middle of your hair and working your way out to the extremities.

Bold, eye-catching looks are easy to achieve with the bright pastels found in the SoColor Blended Collection. If you want the pastel color to show up properly, lighten the hair to a very light golden first.

Highlights in a warm honey tone: The SoColor Blended Collection's warm honey tones are ideal for making gorgeous, subtle highlights. Use the foil method to apply the color, moving from one small area to the next to ensure an even coat.

The SoColor Blended Collection can also be used to create bold, multi-dimensional color with its shades that blend together smoothly to create a one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing appearance. Try out new methods like foiling and gradient to find your signature style.

Matrix SoColor Blended Collection Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the color and keeping it looking its best after you've found the ideal blend with the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection is essential. Hair dyed with the SoColor Blended Collection requires special attention and care to keep it looking its best.

Use only products that won't strip your hair color, like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner, which are formulated especially for colored hair. The hair color will last longer with the use of these items because they are designed to shield and nourish hair that has been dyed.

Use a heat protectant before using heat styling products on your hair, especially if you have dyed your hair. Complete Matrix Outcomes In addition to shielding hair from heat, Iron Tamer also aids in smoothing and controlling curls.

Do not wash your hair every day, as this can cause the pigment to fade from overexposure to water. A dry shampoo can be used in between washes to keep pigment in your hair for longer if you must wash it every day.

Maintain your color with frequent touch-ups: How often you need them will vary based on how much contrast you want and how quickly your hair grows.

In summary

Matrix's new SoColor Blended Collection is a game-changer for hair colorists because its shades are specially formulated to blend seamlessly and appear completely natural. The nourishing Cera-Oil Complex and easy-to-use composition make this set a fantastic option for colorists of all skill levels. If you follow the advice in this comprehensive guide, you'll be able to give your customers the kind of stunning, multidimensional color that keeps them coming back for more.

Before beginning the coloring process, it's important to always check in with the customer and get a sense of what kind of result they're hoping to achieve. Think about the hair's natural color, the person's skin tone, and any prior color treatments or damage. Using the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection, you can give your customers flawless, natural-looking blending that will boost their self-esteem and make them feel like the most beautiful versions of themselves.

Thus, there's no reason to hold off. Don't be afraid to try something new and different with the Matrix SoColor Blended Collection. This collection is set to revolutionize your salon and your customers' experience with its versatile shade range and easy-to-use formula.

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