How hair color affects hair growth

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and decided your hair needs that extra pop and shine of color to make it look vibrant and gorgeous? This morning? Yesterday? Or is it an itching thought in the back of the mind?  Well, we hear you! You may feel like a million others in your situation who are also worried about how hair color may affect the growth of the hair. This is because there is a lot of uncertainty with hair dyes and how it seems to affect the growth of our hair. Additionally, some individuals may also worry about the different impacts of hair dye between women and men. So, we did some research and figured it out for you!
Here’s the tea on hair dyes and what they do to your hair. Let us sort out any concerns and questions you might have regarding hair dyes. Continue reading to find out more….

The Science of Hair Dyeing:

Let’s get our facts straight, it is understood that when you dye your hair, the color coats the whole hair follicle. True. But it does not cover the hair root. Now, where does that land you? Yes, you got it! Hair color for men and women does not affect hair growth in general because it never touches the part of the hair that is growing. However, this does not necessarily mean that coloring your hair will not damage it, cause breakage and hair fall, because it will! We will simplify it for you: it is like you get into an accident, you survive the accident but it leaves some long-term impact on your body and reduces your lifespan by roughly 10 years. Do you get us? So yes, the dye sitting on your hair does weaken the hair shaft and cause hair to fall and break, but does not affect growth because it cannot ruin what it can’t touch!

What To Do About It:

Now that we have clarified the biggest myth among hair color lovers and haters alike, let’s cut to the chase: How To Help Hair That’s Colored? Because let’s be honest, can we really live without coloring our hair? You guessed it right, no! One thing’s for sure, people will color their hair with or without the implications that come along with it. Here’s the good news though: now that the hair market has evolved into this giant platform of its own kind, we can hope for better products to come to the markets with the least amount of chemicals that damage the hair. Now the question comes for those men and women who want to color their hair, but do not necessarily want to put these chemicals in their hair and cause breakage. How can we save their hair? ? Simple.

  • Get. Good. Hair. Colors. Choose the best hair color you can get your hands on. Invest in hair colors that
    promise you hair health and luster like no other.
  • Save yourself the struggle and get something that says it does not use ‘ammonia’
    because it damages the hair l most for both men and women.
  • Going for semi-permanent colorants can also greatly help because it generally does not take that much toll on your hair.
  • Cut down your treatments throughout the year and give your hair a six-week breather at least! Your hair is made of protein, not iron.
  • Peroxide is deathly for the hair too. It not only stinks, but it makes sure your hair dies a pretty ugly death.

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